🗣️ Servizi di Consulenza

Byom can be a key partner both for Investment Funds and Companies that are looking for consultancy services mainly in the following areas:

  • Selection and financial structuring of investment/disinvestment opportunities
  • Definition and implementation of strategies and industrial/financial plans
  • Fundraising activities
  • Evaluation and analysis of companies’ “crisis” status and related proposals for their overcoming
  • Co-investment in the opportunities selected

Moreover, Byom is able, thanks to its wide experience, in several industrial markets, to provide a qualified and effective contribution in these further areas of activities:

  • Subsidiaries management
  • Representation on the Board of Directors/Board of Statutory Advisors
  • Temporary Management

Since 2019 Byom cooperates with Asterion, with a specific focus on the Italian market for scouting, selection and structuring of investment deals in the sectors of energy, telco, mobility and related infrastructures.

Industrie, Fondi, Imprese

Key Credentials

  • Refinancing and optimization of the Group’s structure for a leading Italian player in the PV market
  • Definition, development and implementation of the whole energy strategy concerning the Rome (A.S. Roma) Soccer Stadium, paying particular attention to the related Energy Center and Business District
  • Structuring of a Project Finance in the Public Lighting sector
  • Industrial and Financial plans related to:
    • Turnaround of an industrial plant with the aim to transform industrial waste in road building material
    • Turnaround of an Italian company, listed in the AIM market, mainly focused on the energy and gas sale
    • Turnaround of an Italian company, listed in the AIM market, mainly focused on renewable energies and ‘waste to energy’ plants
    • Turnaround of an Italian company focused on agricultural productions
  • Advisor for an industrial operator during the sale of its HV conduit, MT/HV electric substation and HV terminals to the TSO
  • Advisor for the sale of a waste treatment plant for the production of biogas from organic waste
  • Financial advisor for an international investor in relation to the acquisition of quota in a Real Estate Fund investing in PV plants
  • Advisor for an Italian company in relation to the acquisition and refinancing of a cluster of car parking
  • Advisor for an international Fund in relation to the acquisition of a Portfolio of distressed PV Assets
  • Advisor for an international company in relation to the revamping of an industrial plant involved in the aluminium production
  • Advisor for a Port Authority in relation to the definition and implementation of energy efficiency investments
  • Advisor for a leading Italian University in relation to the definition and implementation of energy efficiency investments
  • Advisor for an industrial operator for the sale of a renewable assets Portfolio
  • Assistance to various industrial operators and investment funds for the development of grid parity PV plants
  • Advisor for an Italian Fund in the acquisition of a leading company in the cogeneration sector
  • Advisor for an industrial operator in the revamping and repowering of PV plants
  • Assistance to a SME in the implementation of the Business Plan from an operational and financial point of view
  • Coordination of Technical and Legal Due Diligence in the context of various M&A operations in the renewable energy sector

👥 Prodotti

In 2017 Byom expanded its activities to innovative ‘Products’.
Scouting in its wide network, Byom has identified some opportunities and through some partnerships with both domestic and foreign leading companies is now acting in the following fields:


Joint Venture with Engineering for the development, commercial proposition and implementation of innovative products/services mainly in energy efficiency and energy market digital transformation


Byom supports RideMovi in the development of its innovative business model, which combines light electricity mobility in Europe’s main cities, with the promotion of advertising campaigns focused on business clients


Commercial agreement with Tenerity, an international group leader in customer engagement and loyalty market to promote custom-made solutions for the energy market


Commercial agreement with Saxa Gres to develop an industrial and commercial partnership for the urban furnishing materials market, produced from urban waste ashes derivative, according to the circular economy model and in compliance with the new European rules for Green Public Procurement

Zero Waste Shop