Byom has developed and structured, both as Investor and Advisor, operations in the renewable energy market for a total investment value of more than 500M€. Main developed projects are:

Operazioni di investimento 1
Operazioni di investimento 2
Byom has started, through the creation of specific vehicles, the development of its own ‘grid-parity’ portfolio of photovoltaic plants and wind farms in order to achieve financing, construction and management of those assets. Activities are currently in place with the aim to have a total amount of authorized projects for about 200 MWp (100MWp Solar and 100MWp Wind) in 2022/2024.

In 2020 Byom, together with other investors, has founded Archangel, a company focused on investments and management of vehicles qualified as Innovative Start-Up or ‘’PMI’’, aiming to proceed with the first acquisitions during 2021/2022.

In 2021 Amaranto Group Holding S.p.A. and Byom have launched Fusion, an equal Joint Venture for collaborating together in the renewable energy market and having the aim of investing financial resources mainly in “distressed” plants.


The new business cooperation, in fact, aims to invest in photovoltaic systems known as "stressed" both from a technical and financial point of view, in order to optimize them and to launch initiatives in the world of "distributed generation", with a main focus on the Energy Communities.