Energy Communities are the new entities identified by the EU directive ‘’Clean Energy Package’’, which are based on the sharing of users close to each other and to renewable energy plants, in their own availability and with production aimed at self-consumption. The main purpose is to provide environmental, economic and social benefits to Communities’ members or to the local areas in which they operate, endorsing criteria of energy autonomy, proximity and local development. These new entities allow users to overcome their status as consumers and becoming “Prosumers”, or producers of their own energy for their own consumption, and to group together to share such consumption with the advantage of optimizing and reducing their energy expenditure.

In 2021 Byom, through its vehicle Fusion, has created two of the first Energy Communities in the Italian territory, during the experimental regulatory phase, acquiring specific skills that have come out as an important competitive advantage in the target market, with the aim of implementing numerous similar projects in the field of sustainable and distributed energy to help achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

comunità energetiche

The tailored Community

La Comunità su misura

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