founded in 2009, is an advisory company that supports Companies and Investment Funds in the industrial, energy and infrastructure markets.
is also an investment company which owns assets and is, moreover, focused on screening and then co-investing in selected opportunities with the aim of strongly aligning Customer’s interests with its own strategy.
also operates in the renewable energy market as Developer (about 200 MW between photovoltaic and wind power plants) and Asset Manager (over 168MW, 57 plants and 32 SPV).
Through “Fusion”, a 50/50 joint venture with Amaranto Holding SpA, Byom also operates in the Energy Community (CER) sector.
Thanks to its many years of experience, it supports industrial operators and funds in asset management with the aim of creating value for the customer.
furthermore, promotes energy efficiency and, through dedicated products, develops brand new solutions for several markets.

In 2016 Byom acquired Quality Management System in the following applications:
- Provision of asset management services for the construction and/or plants management within the renewable energy market.
- Provision of consultancy services for companies and investment funds operating in the industrial, energy and infrastructure markets.